Monday, May 23, 2011

Cashcrate update

So, now that it has been a little longer, I wanna give an update on cashcrate. They are by far the best survey/offer site I have found so far. If you wanna join, use this link... so that I can be your referrer. :) Seriously tho, I haven't referred anyone, I haven't messed with the site much, probably spend like 3 hours on it total, and I have 56.48 coming. That means I am over the 20 dollar payout minimum and my check is on the way. Great way to make money without working too hard. If you need to buy something too, its a good way to get 15 percent ish or more of your money back for your purchase. Just purchasing things when you need them, you could probably make 50 dollars a month if you shop online much. But, I haven't spent a penny, just filled out some forms, sent them to a spam email address, and verified the email links. That's it. It takes like a few hours usually for the offers to go through, I get junk email but not solicitors calling or spam snail mail, and I haven't had to spend a penny on making 56 dollars online this month for doing something a 4th grader could do.
So, once again, if you wanna join, use my link: with referrals, cash crate can get you a steady income, cause it offers the highest percentage of any survey/ offer website.

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