Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is Triond a Scam?

So, to continue making money online, I signed up for the site The idea behind Triond is you publish your own content. So, you can sign up for an account, then write whatever you want, and get it published on Triond's different websites. They then  pay you part of the adsense money they get from the views your articles receive.
However, it isn't quite as simple as that. There are a few things they don't tell you up front. First of all, you can't actually publish anything, only things that fit into their categories that meet their standards. I think they publish articles that are more likely to make them money and deny articles that won't. Which makes sense from a business standpoint, but is somewhat manipulative based on the claim that you can publish anything.
For example, I tried to publish an article reviewing a speech by revolutionary Egyptian, Gigi Ibrahim, available here. They denied it after a week or so. Then I wrote a quick little article on compression tools and it got published within 20 seconds (literally) of me pressing submit. Triond shows you all the search phrases that get the most unique views every month, and compression tools is number 1 with something like 20,000 unique views a day. Gigi doesn't make the list, so even though it is better writing, it doesn't make the cut.
The other thing they don't mention is that their sites get very little traffic. The vast majority of traffic will come from other triond members who view your articles in exchange for you viewing theirs, or from you advertising your article to friends or on forums. However, if you're going to do that, why not just do it on a website like this, where you get to keep 100% of your adsense earnings? Turns out the sites Triond owns to publish on aren't popular, and don't help your writing get out to the world.
So, I can't say that Triond is a complete scam, but I can say that all my research points to the fact that you will not make money on that website. I published 4 articles so far, and have gotten 6 views in a week, and have made a whopping 1 cent. It isn't worth the effort for the amount of money you make since there are better ways to earn money for writing.
Triond may not be a scam, but it isn't a way to make money. If you like writing, and want a community to share it with, I suggest making a blog, or posting for Facebook friends. Triond posts your articles on many different sites, so they won't even be in once place to be easily viewable. Your writing won't get seen by anyone you don't show it to, and you won't end up making anything for your effort. For all these reasons, is a bad way to make money online, and might as well be a scam.

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